Our beautiful jewels are all hand crafted and made from sustainably sourced brass. Some of our jewellery is plated with 16k gold and some made with rhodium silver, which will be noted in the description of the product. As we slowly expand our range we are increasing the use of previous medals, so watch this space.


We love the fact the brass can tell a story and genuinely love the patina over the brass as you wear you piece over time. But to keep your gold polish finish lasting longer please follow these steps:

  • Keep away from water, perfumes and creams

  • Polish your jewellery with the bag your jewellery came in.

  • If in doubt use a dab of Brasso (found in Woolies or Coles) with a cloth and polish to give it that ultra shine.

  • You can also soak the jewellery in ketchup. The acid in the tomato will help to remove tarnish.